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Video FMR March-2015

 MCB Pakistan Stock Market Fund  5.83 bn
 Pakistan Income Fund  1.14 bn
 Pakistan Capital Market Fund   552 mn
 MetroBank-Pak. Sovereign Fund    10.61 bn
Pakistan International Element Islamic Asset Allocation Fund     646 mn
 Pakistan Cash Management Fund  1.48 bn
 Pak Income Enhancement Fund  1.99 bn
Pakistan Strategic Allocation Fund    382 mn
 Pakistan Pension Fund      
           • Money Market Sub Fund  139 mn
           • Debt Sub Fund  324 mn
           • Equity Sub Fund  348 mn
 Pakistan Islamic Pension Fund      
           • Money Market Sub Fund  66.3 mn
           • Debt Sub Fund  131 mn
           • Equity Sub Fund  214 mn
MCB DCF Income Fund      14.66 bn
MCB Cash Management Optimizer     10.46 bn
MCB Dynamic Allocation Fund       2.74 bn
MCB Islamic Income Fund         1.31 bn
Pakistan Sarmaya Mehfooz Fund         736 mn
Fund size in Pak Rupees         As of April 2015
MCBPSM 04-May-2015 84.43 86.74
PIF 04-May-2015 57.65 59.23
PCMF 04-May-2015 11.63 11.95
PIEIF 04-May-2015 65.53 67.33
MSFP 04-May-2015 57.67 58.85
PSAF 04-May-2015 11.49 11.80
PCF 05-May-2015 53.5805 53.5805
PIEF 04-May-2015 58.31 59.91
Daily prices in Pak Rupees.
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Back-end load applies wherever applicable
as per offering document.
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